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Prameet is an internationally acclaimed Life coach (Global systemic activation, Barcelona) Personal trainer (Australia), Yoga Instructor (India), Remedial Massage Therapist (Australia) and Energetic Transference Teacher (India)

He is known for his personalized sessions, even in larger groups and his USP lies in combining tradition with science

Prameet continues to conduct Retreats & Intensive programs in Sweden, India, Reunion Island and Australia as part of his international tour.

He is available for online, One-on-One, Life coaching sessions

Results Quotient

Virat Kohli, Captain Zavier, Purab Kohli, Media Articles

Media Quotient

Media Articles – Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs

360 degree Experience Quotient

Movement, Massage, Meditation, Manifestation

Testimonials Quotient - Life coaching

“My guru– that’s what we the whole family call him! Simple logical solutions- If you are not happy with the way you are, why repeat the same behaviour again? It rings in my ears even after 10 years of training with him and pursuing my international career in basketball !”

“Pram the smiling assasin! Always smiling even when he is skinning my behaviour out of my psyche”

“I recoverd from cancer thanks to you, our friendship and my respect always. Pram I miss you and thank you for everything”

Testimonials Quotient - Yoga

“Prameet has a very calming but firm teaching style and his sleeping meditation gives me the best ‘snooze’ at the end of the class!”

“Prameet’s Yoga style, bodyguru Yoga is unique in many ways and makes me and my family enjoy the class together even though we have different fitness levels”

“Its special, very special, Prameet is a very special teacher, please grab the opportunity if you can….its life changing”

Testimonials Quotient - Massage

“ON days I cant be bothered training or doing yoga and have had a bad night I simply get a massage, and not any massage, the bodyguru Body, Mind and Soul experience”

“The laser treatment with the hot rocks really helped me get over my indigestion and stress associated with my children and family “

“I cant belive I lost fat by getting onto Prameet’s Detox and Massage program”

Why choose Prameet?

“Prameet has 25+ years of International experience as a Personal trainer, Yoga instructor, Massage therapist, Energy Transferer and is a Life coach extradonaire!

His coaching style is simple and practical. He combines empathy with results and is patient with chalking out the wellness journey

Prameet works through the spectrum of ‘dis-ease’ patients all the way through to athletes and believes in working with his network of professionals in a team environment to get the desired results”

Industry Leader

Introduced functional movement patterns into the Indian fitness industry. Introduced Bootcamp movement to the Indian fitness industry. Researching Yoga and its effects on wellbeing with India's premier institute - www.kdham.com


Step 1 : Make an intention (I)

Step 2 : Make an action plan (A)

Step 3 : Practice, practice, practice –Manifest (M)

Create your own life, chase your dreams and feel the power of achieving what you set out to achieve….

Why not do a retreat?

Why risk going to a retreat? Prameet offers personally curated retreats in the comfort from your home.

For more information – https://prameetkotak.com/contact/

Cancellations and Refunds

All fees are up-front. Fees are personalized to suit individuals and corporates. Fees are non-refundable. COVID-safety measures are implemented.


All information and content shared by Prameet verbally and digitally are all his opinions and point of view towards opening up discussions and conversations. Please consult your healthcare practitioner for any change based on your personalized condition. Prameet believes in working with the medical and healthcare professionals in alliance.

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