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I will share with you tools (text, audio, video, social media – starter kit) so you may uncover your potential, through Conversations, Yoga, Meditation & Movement.

We work together to identify & create an action plan, work on your manifestation process, so we may create your frequency of health and happiness.

I listen and let you unravel your answers. 
With 25+ years of professional experience, I will be able to assist you to streamline the processes with the best possible formula for success.
I consult with Individuals and Professionals like yourself (Athletes, Coaches, Office-goers) and work with Businesses & Corporations alike.

I believe an empowered individual creates a sustainable community, thereby compounding our results.

I offer subconscious meditation techniques on request.

(SMT are known to slingshot results by 50-80%)

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And spread the love, consciousness & the frequency of health & happiness.