Welcome to our corporate program.


Our mission is to offer tools and strategies to empower you towards your frequency of health and happiness, thereby assisting you with enhanced performance.



We focus on creating that space both physically and energetically so it may assist you to get to the “magical state” faster.


We are mindful of the ever-changing landscape and environment and have thus evolved our programs with added value based around tradition and modern science. Our formula includes elements of sustainability, community and collective consciousness. We have a preset program template on offer which can be personalized to suit your company’s mission & vision.

Traditional Corporate wellness programs have been an excellent way to improve group dynamics, create an inclusive environment, allowing the individual to express themselves indoors and outdoors, and celebrating life with some entertainment. This model is obsolete in today’s pandemic environment.

Looking at our current environment, we studied three countries – India, Australia and Sweden to understand the requirements of the current workforce and the challenges that require a solution.

We offer F2F (Face to Face) or digital options.

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We realized that the biggest challenges are Mental & Emotional Stress, Being heard (without judgement) and Miscommunication. We have managed to come up with the solutions as follows (Please click on the challenge and follow the related solution)

Challenge 1

Mental & Emotional Stress  

Our mental and emotional stress factors are giving rise to reduced workplace performance, increased sick days and low happiness quotient.

Solution: Classical Yoga 

We found a treasure in our traditional texts and we implemented classical yoga over three continents. What we found was astonishingly positive. We found Decrease in IL -1 B and Increase in IL -10 (p<0.05) (The Anti-inflammatory cytokines increased while the inflammatory cytokines decreased)

This led to:- -Improve in micro nutrient absorption – Increase in happy hormones – Improvement in posture and muscular endurance.

Challenge 2

Being heard

We live in an environment with information overload. Taking this into account combined with our current isolation crisis has led to number of suppressed individuals. People want to be heard and for this reason interaction is very important.

Solution: Group coaching (interactive lectures)

Challenge 3


We all live in multicultural work environments, thereby leading to different perceptions of the same words. Due to this and different learning styles, there tends to be miscommunication.

Solution: Subconscious meditation 

We bypass the need to communicate verbally and plant the seed of intention (goals of the organisation) in the sub conscious state. Thereby communicating through the subconscious mind, working within the web of our unlimited consciousness that binds us.

Why our structure works

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Corporate Packages

Performance, Creativity & Peace
We offer two packages in F2F or Digital options:

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Package 1& Only

The only package that you need!

A single focused vision is more powerful than a  multi-vision but to get to this magical state of singular vision, the body, mind and heart need to be in cohesion. We achieve this state by aligning the body through Yoga, softening the mind with conversations & lectures and planting the seed of intention through ‘subconscious meditation techniques’

Our program offers you that formula with a 50%- 90%  improved offering through the ‘superconscious meditation’

“Once the body is supple, the breath is complete and the mind is softened, one is in a space to absorb, this is where magic happens”


3.5 hrs package (Can be done in 1 day or in 3 equal parts/days)

– Classical Yoga (90 mins)

– Group Coaching (Interactive Lectures – 60 mins)

– Subconscious Meditation (60 mins)

Upto 50% quicker and better results. (SMT are known to slingshot results by 50-80% offering you better results than conventional corporate programs)

*F2F or Digital options | Digital Recordings available on request


Starting from Rs 500 pp.
(minimum package cost = Rs 35,000/- / US$ 500 whichever applicable ++)

Note: Please feel free to email or whatsapp for further details.

Classical Yoga

Yoga with Prameet is a classical style ashtanga yoga program, developed to suit the modern being with simple implementation strategies. From the school of Hatha Yoga, and documented by the sage Patanjali, this is also referred to as the eight limb yoga. Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharna, Dhyana, Samadhi, the eight stages allows the program to be systemised so the student can understand the different development processes they go through.
This traditional Yoga practice includes breathing patterns and have shown to improve employee focus, retention, posture and improve the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.

Lectures & Conversations

Our focus is to improve interaction thereby empowering your team members to communicate openly and freely. We address this important point in our sessions as we discuss strategies to deal with burnout, improve work/life balance, improve happiness, quotient, understanding collective consciousness and the benefits in assisting each other in growth.
The power of community and collective consciousness, usually understated, but very effective in assisting with depression, a sense of belonging, finding peace, balance, and enhancing performance are all an important part of this module.

Subconscious Meditation

With our culturally diverse environments, verbal communication creates miscommunication, which can lead to conflict and the dilution of the vision, we bypass this challenge through subconscious meditation.

*The subconscious meditation can get up to 50% quicker results in syncing the team to the vision and mission of the company.

Breathe-Nidra-Breathe is a program designed to assist you enhance your well-being.


1.5 hrs package (Can be done in 1 part or in 3 parts)

– AM Breathe (15 mins)

– NOON Nidra (45 mins)

– PM Breathe (15 mins)

Follow-up sessions* (60 mins)

*Every 15 days for 6 months – recommended