Fees / Your Investment with Prameet


Hourly – Rs 10,000 INR ( USD$135.00)
Half day ( 3 hrs contact ) Rs 30,000/- (USD$441)
Full day ( 6 hrs contact ) Rs 50,000/- (USD$668)
Week – Rs 3,00,000/- (USD$4030)
Month Rs 10,00,000/- (USD$13,430)
Personalised packages available.
Please whatsapp me direct on +919223437166.

Can't afford in these hard times?
Speak to me and I'll be happy to work with you.
I have a few donors who have generously donated to me towards the ‘pay it forward’ initiative.
Pay it forward - If you want to donate towards ‘pay it
forward’ so I may utilize the funds to coach someone in
need. I will always donate my own time in conjunction
with your ‘pay it forward’ donation.

Terms & Conditions – All payments are in INR and are converted to USD for ease of payment.

Market exchange rates apply + fees (paypal 4.5%) + taxes and credit card fees at actuals.