To speak is the best therapy one can ask for, to speak without being judged, is like creating a safe space to express yourself. I believe conversations is one of the best therapies, and I am here to hear you and guide you. Infact I have a few simple strategies that I would like share with you right now, so you have the tools to get started.
1. Record yourself on a video
2. Record an audio
3. Write / Journal your thoughts
Three simple strategies for you to get started, and if you want to reach out, feel free.


“Yoga is for everybody, and everybody is for Yoga, whether you are an athlete or a patient recovering from a disease YOU CAN PARTICIPATE in Classical Yoga with Prameet. ‘My objective is to allow you to move through the waves of intensity to suit your state of being,’ as you are unique, your Yoga practice should be personalized to suit you. For Ex. the fire breath is an activating cleansing practice, so It should be avoided with someone with High BP, so just by performing the practice because you read it somewhere may not be the right practice for you. Classical Yoga with Prameet has the tools to enhance your being, as I will share a personalized program for you, including.


Meditation is the ideal way to understand yourself, whether you use active or passive meditation techniques would depend upon what stage of life you are in. You may use your intuition or consult with a master or with me. I have three exclusive meditations, i.e., IAM, Energy transference, Subconscious meditation, all designed to assist you with body, mind, and soul balance.


Movement is the key to the transfer of energy! As our body requires seven positions for the spine on a daily basis to allow for efficient flow and enhancement of our beings, Movement makes up the foundation for any progressive plan. I can guide you by taking you through functional movement patterns; Yoga poses, functional fitness focused on your functional need and pre-hab to suit your needs and wants.
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