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SWITCH - Health and Wellness

Set up SWITCH-Health and Wellness as a vertical for ProSport and CODS Hospital specializing in Obesity, Diabetes and Cancer. Analysed Gap in businesses and suggested a new vertical to go along with the current business model.

Commandos Bootcamp's - India's Premier Bootcamp

Launched in 2008 with you in mind, commando bootcamp is India's first bootcamp! We offer you a smarter and safer way of getting fit, having fun, building new friendships, competing within yourself & others ultimately pushing your boundaries to the next level, all in a marter and afer way!

Authenticity Health and Wellness Retreat

Turnkey project completed in Nine months from Resort to Retreat. Gap Analysed along with implementation plan, Systems & Procedures, Marketing and Strategising, Formed, Trained and Managed the teams.

Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa

Consultant to find gaps in current Communication and Operations. Developed the Fitness and Activities centre strategy to go in line with the Retreat space, Managed the Fitness and Activities centre. Marketing and Strategizing, Formed a team and managed it ,Roles and Responsibilities based on personality types.

Birdsong - Organic Café

Gap analysed with an Implementation plan, Developed Systems & Procedures with Implementation, Staff training, Communication between front end and back end.

Pro Sport Fitness


Superfit Lifestyle Asia LLP

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