About Prameet Kotak

Prameet Kotak is a wellness coach with 25+ years of global experience in the wellness industry. He is a breathing specialist and also a sleep coach, offering tools for optimised breathing and enhanced sleep patterns, thereby enhancing performance. Prameet serves corporates, gyms, sports teams, athletes, retreats, hotels, and individuals with tools leading towards a vision of healthier and happier communities.

He is an internationally acclaimed Life coach (Global systemic activation, Barcelona) Personal trainer (Australia), Yoga Instructor (India), Remedial Massage Therapist (Australia), and Energetic Transference Teacher (India).

He is known for his personalized sessions, even in larger groups and his USP lies in combining tradition with science.

My Vision

Empowered You

Empowered Community

My Mission

To empower you by offering tools so you may uncover your potential, through Conversations, Yoga, Meditation & Movement.

My Values


My value as a leader and a business owner is taking strong responsibility for the wellness of each of my employees and associates by empowering them and providing easily accessible wellness tools to feel healthy and happy. This syncs with my personal belief that each individual has the power to make their own choices. My goal is to partner with 100 organizations around the world by the year 2030 that share similar values and beliefs in empowering individuals and building healthy and happy communities and corporations.
My values sync in part with “Good health and well-being”, goal three of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.