Breathwork, Pranayama & Energetic Transference


What I have learned in 25 years I want to share with you NOW

Breath is energy, energy makes the world go round, so energy = your world.. let’s make it count…

There are many schools of thought on breath

Breath is the single most important factor in optimizing lifestyle and enhancing performance. Breathwork is the superhighway into meditation

Meditation is the state of knowing yourself and in that process being in harmony with nature which then allows the natural transference of energy…also known as Reiki, Siddha healing, Kundalini shakti.

Pranayama from traditional Yoga, means control of vital lifeforce.

So based on this meaning I come to the conclusion that breath regulation improves energy flow, and improved energy flow brings us in harmony with nature, which then allows for energetic transference.


Energy is never lost it is simply transfered, a body in movement generates more transfer, just like a flowing river, energy can flow with breath, movement, meditation and massages.


Prameet is an internationally acclaimed Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor…


Please see below the options you have for your optimised energetic space:



  • Teaser / Introduction workshops: 60- 90 minutes
  • Choose between 30 min to 90 min introductory workshop based on your requirement:
    Conversation on Breath, Pranayama and Energy - 15 mins
    Conversation on emotion, energy and breath - 15 mins
    Experiential practice: 21 mins ( Choose any 1 )
  • (A) Am sequence - #PlaceboBreath OR (B) Afternoon sequence - #arvobreath
    OR (C) Pm sequence - #pmkriya
  • Add modules to upgrade your 60 min experience to 90 mins from A, B or C


  • Half day retreats: 3 HRS
  • All inclusions of OPTION 1 includes 90 mins
  • A) Am sequence - #PlaceboBreath OR
    (B) Afternoon sequence - #arvobreath
    OR (C) Pm sequence - #pmkriya
  • + Add on modules to suit
  • Sub-conscious meditation - Manifest your intentions
    Yoga Poses


  • Full day retreats: 6 HRS
  • All inclusions of OPTION 1 AND OPTION 2
  • + Add on modules to suit
  • Conversations based on topics -
    How to optimise lifestyle
    How to improve happiness and health
    The importance of community
    Its ok to ask for help
  • Other modules added as per requirement