Yoga, Breath & Mobility Retreat


A day retreat in the city -

Breathwork, mobility, movement, meditation, reiki, energy transference & more..


12 NOVEMBER 2023


8:45 AM TO 6 PM

Yoga Theory,




What You Will Get In The Workshop

We have curated this main event to suit your need for a day retreat. We have divided it into 3 PARTS so that you get to engage with the community. Below are the key takeaways from each events:

  • Core + vinyasa hybrid class
  • Third-eye meditation
  • Experience Energy transference so you may take it away with you

  •  A simple 3.5 mins.. yes that’s right only three and a half minutes AM set!
  • A Noon set to ground you, align your eyes and neck, lift you up, and give you that upper.
  • A PM set to help you relax and unwind, so you may get a deeper sleep. (proven to assist with depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges)

  • A Noon breath work set to ground you, align your eyes and neck, lift you up, and give you that upper.
  •  Mobility and movement patterns, singing bowls, guided meditation for subconscious activation, and Yin Yoga.
  • A PM breath work set to help you relax and unwind, so you may get a deeper sleep. (proven to assist with depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges)

Are you looking for any of these?

If you have ticked any of these boxes, this workshop is for YOU!

Meet Your Facilitators

Prameet Kotak is a wellness coach with 25+ years of global experience in the wellness industry. He is a breathing specialist and also a sleep coach, offering tools for optimized breathing and enhanced sleep patterns, thereby enhancing performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Natural deterioration of core muscle tissue begins as early as our mid 30’s.

We might not notice it then, but without regular resistance training, core strength will likely have declined to the point where it’s making daily life more difficult by the time, we reach the age of 50.

When we are talking specifically about strengthening and building core muscles (not necessarily seeing them, this is dependant on body fat composition) it can take anything from four – six weeks depending on what exercises you are doing along with eating habits.

Our muscle mass decreases at surprising rates as we get older. Research found that people older than 50 can not only maintain but increase muscle mass by lifting weights and using body weight exercises.

Yoga is particularly beneficial for keeping our muscles strong and growing.

When our muscles are weak, we lose the balance ability to balance.

Vinyasa Flow L2 class with an emphasis on our 3 Main Bandhas in Yoga +

-Mula Bandha – The pelvic floor muscles

-Uddiyana Bandha – The abdominals up to the diaphragm

-Jalandhara Bandha – the throat

This Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic class that focuses on improving balance, strength and flexibility whilst being mindful of our breath throughout the flow.

Some Vinyasa experience is recommended however class is suitable for most levels, with variations offered throughout to support beginners.

What is meditation? Is it one state of being? Or are there many states of being? Does meditation have different stages? Or is it one stage?

Meditation has many stages, the initial stages are based around the senses, but as we advance, it evolves into watching.

Watching is the key, as meditation cannot be done, it happens, and when it happens, one must grab that frequency and memorize it, so one may repeat it again and again, in moments and not time.

In this 15 min seated session we practice connecting to the third eye, to initiate ourselves for further practice. Third eye meditation is one of the most powerful techniques to activate the third eye and move into the subconscious state of being.It is the subconscious where one can get upto 80% more effective manifestations.

Energy transfer is essentially the transfer of energy from one element to another. We are energetic beings and we are in constant exchange with the cosmos, all we have to do is tune in. The more we practice the better our transference becomes.

We aim to open up the conversation on the importance of traditional values as we move forward into new age younger sciences. where integration is essential if we are to achieve mental and physical health.

We also discuss hacks on how we can reduce our toxic load – Environmental, Mental, Physical, Emotional!

‘Breathe with Prameet’- Noon sequence

The Noon sequence is designed to assist you with eye and neck health. Our eyes are directly connected to the brain and require a set of patterns to assist it with optimal function.This Noon sequence is ideal to use in the lunch break or mid-day when your batteries are dying and you are reaching for the coffee hit!

Mobility & Movement

Mobility is important because it affects your ability to move freely throughout your daily activities without pain and strain.

If you experience any level of mobility issues you will likely have more potential to be injured in any part of your body from your fingers to your toes.

Mobility movements help reduce and relieve stress that builds up with physical activity, being sedentary and sitting at a desk all day.

Often our body is set in a fixed pattern of behaviour for various reasons

This may be due to ridged work routines of sitting for prolonged periods of time, daily stress that is held in different parts of our bodies or perhaps from favouring a side that has had a previous injury due to fear?

As we age in a different world of technology and social seclusion it is far from our human purpose of movement such as that of the hunters and gatherers, we begin to be inflexible with our movement and lose basic mobility

Instinctual Movement is a dynamic class designed to compliment our yoga practice by strengthening our muscles, opening our hips and improve our neuromotor fitness.

Singing bowls

Singing bowls are commonly used in sound healing practices, meditation sessions, and yoga classes to help participants quiet their minds.These sounds and vibrations can soothe the body. Observational studies found the use of singing bowls can decrease tension, anger and fatigue.

Join Margaretha and listen to the sounds created from a traditional hand made Tibet singing bowl is said to create a vibration that resonates with our body’s energy and helps restore balance and harmony to our energy. The benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowl leading up to meditation are numerous. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, boost the immune system, and increase overall well-being .

Guided meditation

Guided meditation with Prameet is based on the ancient science of Yoga Nidra- Yogic sleep. The idea is to guide you so your brain does not drift away, and allow the brain to stay with my voice so you may drift away into the subconscious state of being, where the magic happens. In the sub-conscious state intentions have the ability of being manifested with 80% more accuracy.


Yin Yoga was founded in the late 1970’s by martial arts expert and Taoist Yoga Teacher Paulie Zink.

Yin Yoga’s aim is to stretch the connective tissue in the body. It is a slower, more controlled style of yoga.

Yin Yoga works on the deeper levels of the body by holding the poses for longer and focuses on improving our stretch and flexibility .

This class mostly focuses on seated poses being held for up to 5 minutes . Yin Yoga is not intended as a complete practice in itself, but as a complement to more active forms of yoga and exercise.

‘Breathe with Prameet’- PM sequence

The Pm sequence is created to help in activating your parasympathetic system thereby taking you into the most powerful state for creativity, healing and deep sleep

Can’t attend the whole day? Attend any one or two.

Choose the option(s) below:


PART #1 : GROUND to CROWN -  is a combination of four modules put together from Core + Vinyasa +Third-eye meditation & energy transference.



PART #2: BREATHE TO TRANSFER - You can leverage breath to optimize your emotions, enhance your relationships, maximize your performance and reduce the effects of aging.



PART#3: ASK TO TRANSCEND -  is a special program where we combine the power of conversations, Breathwork, Mobility & Movement patterns, Meditation Sound & energy transference to give you a powerful experience in spiritual transcendence.


NOTE: You can always choose to upgrade at a later stage or on the day (based on availability)

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